I'm blogging about a touchy subject..........FUR!

In Elle magazine this month, one of their articles was about a woman who's grandmother bought her a fur coat 27 years ago. She wore it only a few times even though the coat kept her warmer than any others and she loved it because her grandmother gave it to her. But she was afraid to wear it because of the confrontations she would get with strangers regarding the treatment of animals to make her fur coat.

We at RCMoore for the Unique have vintage clothing and also vintage furs. We try to be kind to the planet by recycling clothing that other people do not want. We make costumes, we repurpose items to make them look beautiful. It is challenging and fun. I restore old hats along with making my own new hats. The fur coats that we have are from many years ago, but they were well taken care of.

 My own personal views on wearing furs are this. We live in the United States of America. We are on this earth with all kinds of people who have all different opinions. We have meat eaters, and vegetarians.  If you are a strong advocate AGAINST furs, then you better not eat a hamburger, you better not have a leather purse or a pair of shoes.And that suede skirt? toss it!  If you are a strong advocate against wearing fur, then that is your opinion and you have a right to that opinion. As well as the person choosing to wear a fur.

The message I am trying to send here is tolerance. Lets not get ugly about things. People have the right to choose and I thank all the veterans of our United States that gave their lives that preserved my right to choose. Whether the fur you  wear is real or faux, respect each other's opinion, and live peacefully.

Rose Ellen Moore