happy face :)

Now that the holidays are here, I see so many articles out there about putting on your 'best holiday make up' or, how to get that' holiday glow'.   Well, here is something that the articles are not telling you....

What you put into your body, will show on the outside of your body. If you are addicted to fried foods and potato chips and you don't drink ANY water, you are bound to get pimples, black heads and uneven skin tones. Water is the number one thing that your body cannot get enough of. TRY to drink at LEAST 33 oz. of water a day...if you can do up to 64 then please do. I know for me 33 oz is pushing it, but I make the effort and that is important. Also, fresh fruits and veggies are important. I always say, if you can't pluck it, pick it, or catch it, don't eat it. If it is pre-packaged, leave it alone.  Of course we are heading into the holiday season where people are partying and there are sweets all over the place. That's ok. Don't beat yourself up. Just walk alittle more, park alittle farther away from your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Eating a couple cookies is not the end of the world.   Making better choices is what is important. Instead of reaching for the soda, reach for water with alittle lemon. Artificial anything is not good...and that includes people too!

Your best holiday make up needs to start with a good skin care regimen. Whatever product you choose, stick to it, invest in it. In the long run, you are investing in many years of good skin. ( I have invested in Mary Kay when I was 26. The best beauty tip I have!)  

So..in short, try these 5 beauty tips:

1. get a good skin care regimen
2. eat good fresh food
3 drink water!!!
4 get enough sleep
5 wear a big smile!!!!!

Have wonderful holidays!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore