Easy tips for moms

I am sure that all of you are saying, " What is SHE going to write about getting ready for parties with kids? What does SHE know?" Well ladies, I KNOW!   I have 4 of my own children blended with 2 of my husband's children, and all of that was NOT the Brady Bunch!   Let me tell you something...I have experienced all kinds of illnesses, real and imaginary. I have experienced every kind of behavior problem, trying to get all of us ready for family gatherings, family photos and that does not count trying to get ready for work on a daily basis.

I remember being dressed in something very nice, and then having a child wipe their nose on your hip...smear jelly on your shoulder as their crying. I know...trust me , I know. So, here are some helpful tips on how to maintain your sanity.

#1.   If you are late, so what?  No one is going to spank you...  Better to be late then get in an accident. So take your time and try to manage your time wisely.  Start in plenty of time to concentrate on 1 child at a time.  start with feeding them well. Then washing, then dressing and plan to pull out a new toy that does not involve paint or markers. Something fun that they can keep quiet for a bit until you get yourself done.

#2.  Put on your dress and then cover it all with a large man's shirt. This way, a child cannot 'ruin you'.  Best thing is to put on your dress first, then do your hair and make up. We will get to easy hair and make up in another blog.

#3. Do not yell..it doesn't do anything except put the children in a bad mood. Sometimes no matter what you do, children want to be near mom. Let them be. I remember some of the greatest pleasures was watching my mother put on her make up and do her hair. It's how little girls learn not only to do these things, but also to take pride in themselves.

#4  Remember...these moments don't last forever. Your children will be small one time. So try to take the stress out of it. If you need alittle help, enlist a high school student to come in a keep an eye on the children until you are done. A few dollars well spent.

#5 If you have wine...pour yourself a glass.............you deserve it!

Rose Ellen Moore