Christmas Blues

I know that many of you are having the Christmas blues. What gift should I buy? What should I wear to this party? OH GOD! My inlaws are coming!
Listen up...............................

Drop the drama. Do not allow society to dictate to you how much money to spend or what to wear or how to act.  I was reading a magazine article in Allure Magazine for December and it had so many words of advice that I do NOT agree with.

On page 108 was "How to Throw a Holiday Party"...the advised their readers to 'spring for the best cavier'...ARE YOU KIDDING? I hate to tell you how much this stuff is. Then the magazine listed some songs you should play at your party. Are these some sort of 'magical' songs? What's wrong with playing what you like?

On page 110 was "How to Give a Gift Card'.  They said 'why not slip it into an accessory like a Clare Vivier clutch bag or a vintage jewelry box. my mind, if you purchase the Clare Vivier clutch bag or the vintage jewelry box, then there is NO NEED for a gift card.

In the special advertising section, Allure advises you to 'give your crush a fighting chance' at the office party. That is a definate NO NO! I do not advise dating in the workplace. It can get complicated, ugly and public very fast. I love this one..."move your chin out and down for a sharp jawline in party snaps." So in every photo you like like a Jay Leno impersonator? Are they for real?

Look, here is RCMoore's advice for this Christmas season, as it will be for EVERY season.

1. Enjoy your friends and family. Let them know from the start what your intentions for gift giving is. Maybe you would like to put your money into a large holiday party for all of them. If one of your friends talks behind your back and doesn't like it? Well, perhaps this person is not your friend. Pose for a photo NATURALLY...don't go sticking out your jaw, or sticking out anything! Enjoy your life, enjoy the season...It's the season to give, that can also mean, give YOUR TIME, give YOUR LOVE...give YOUR FRIENDSHIP. There are some things that money cannot buy!

Rose Ellen Moore