Who has big legs? I have big legs!~

I always thought that if you have a part of your body that is unflattering, you should ignore it like it doesn't exist. I always thought that if you have no waist, you should NOT wear a belt, or if your bottom is larger than your top, you should NOT wear print pants, or a bright color skirt. I always thought that if you had a large chest you should wear big baggy tops...the truth is, ladies...NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

The trick of this whole situation is the fit. Everything has to fit well. Lets take your chest. Do you have a large chest? You can still wear stripes, but the shirt has to fit well. Not real baggy and not real tight. Maybe wear a jacket over it, so that the stripes are confined to the center. Maybe 2 different kinds of stripes.  You will be surprised how pretty you look.

If you have large legs, should you hide behind black pants? NO!  OH HELL NO!!!  Lets go for some textured hose, and how about those print pants. The trick is, they have to FIT WELL> Not too tight, not too loose and definately NEVER go out in pajama pants! Unless you are going to a slumber party! Notice the fit of these pants...some are tighter, but not too tight. Some are looser, but not baggy to the point of making yourself look bigger. 

No matter what look you choose, try something different. Step out of the box and don't be afraid. If you are looking for another person's approval, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. That's the only approval you will need. Put on your look and own in with confidence. When you step out, if you love what you have on, 95% of the time, other people will too. Simply because they sense your confidence. No matter what you have on, love it, own it, embrace it and most of all, wear it with a smile. Whether it is vintage or up to date, whether it is sporty or dressy, whether you are bigger or smaller, love it. You only have one body. Dress it up and live it up!

Rose Ellen Moore