Tis the season for fear...but don't fear your body!

If you have curves, don't be afraid. You are healthy, vibrant and beautiful. There is one simple rule that you need to follow. Make sure your clothes are the right size. If you are wearing something too tight, it will accentuate everything that you don't want to accentuate. Please please please, make sure your clothes fit properly.

This photo shows a woman with pants that are too tight, and to short. WRONG...Choose pants that cup your bottom. You should be able to stick your hands in the pockets. You should be able to pull them up without doing aerobics!  No camel toes! you will hurt yourself and it looks awful! Don't worry about the size that is inside the tag. If you don't want to be a size 16, but size 14's are too tight. Don't worry. Cuts are different with every style and with every manufacturer. I have pants in my closet that go from 10 to 18. I don't put a size or label on myself. As long as I look good...that is all that matters. Get yourself a good mirror and a truthful husband, boyfriend, significant other or girlfriend.  And then, don't be mad at them for telling the truth. Also, don't ask if the pants make you look fat. If YOU have a doubt, don't wear them. YOU have to feel good about YOU....

My advice is to print out the 10 steps to a positive body image and paste it to your mirror. Take a look at the examples above....Accept and love your healthy beautiful body, whether you are a size 2 or 22. There are clothes for you, and you are beautiful. If you don't know what to pick...come see me. I will help you discover your beautiful YOU!!!

Rose Ellen Moore
 Happy Halloween!!!!