timeless pieces

For some people, vintage is a turn off. Vintage to some people means OLD...or to some people it means DATED.  For me, vintage means I'm going to look elegant and unique. I came across this photo of Jane Fonda in a maxi skirt, wide belt and blouse. This is a typical 70's look. Why can't someone dress in this and OWN it and look beautiful. I think Jane looks stunning in this outfit. And we are sure to never see it again. Maxi skirts are also warm in the winter. They are comfortable in the summer as well. Think of this the next time you visit your vintage shop.
Here are RCMoore
we have many many maxi skirts, dresses and blouses. All waiting for that unique woman with her own confident style. Give us a try, either in person or online.  Because remember, RCMoore for the Unique Individual....because NO ONE is quite like you!

Rose Ellen Moore