I love me

Today I was reading MSNBC news on the computer and I noticed an article saying that a man has chosen euthanasia because his transsexual operation did not go as expected and he now views himself as a monster. This man ended his life. How sad. There are so many people...they come in the shop every day, struggling to live and to take that very next breath. They are suffering from cancer or some other terminal illness. But this man only saw his beauty, or lack thereof, on the outside.


I hope that when other people read this article, they will see the sadness as I did. Everyone on this earth has a purpose.

 I worked in a nursing home for a time. I took care of a woman who was paralyzed from the neck down, her name was Louise. She was a school teacher and now just sat quietly in her wheelchair. As I was feeding her breakfast one day, I told her my woes of how my daughter is dyslexic and cannot read. She pointed me in the direction of her friend who was a professor at a university, and after a few sessions, taught my daughter how to manage her problem. And what a blessing it was that this was for FREE! You see, Louise had a purpose. She could not move, but linked up the right people to make a change in a young girl's life.

 This man may have been a monster on the outside, but who knows what purpose is now thrown away because he thought he was not worth it. Believe me, every life is worth living. We do not know the grand master plan. What we do know is that life, no matter how wretched, no matter how broken, is still worth living.  And I am hoping that one of you remind me of this, if I ever get to the point that I feel I am not worth it.

Do God a favor today...............Love yourself

Rose Ellen Moore