Halloween in America

Good morning all of you wonderful people! As we approach Halloween, I am at a loss as to why people like to be scared and to make this season so 'real'.  For me, Halloween has always been a celebration of "All Saints Day"...I was in Catholic school and we were to dress up as our favorite saint. As I got older, I would get more creative with my costumes, 'Bonnie and Clyde' was one year when my friend and me dressed up together. I was a playboy bunny, I was a giant pumpkin, I was so many fun things. Now it seems that everyone wants to be beheaded, bloody, zombies that roam around and grab you. There was one instance in Columbia County PA last year when someone had to be rushed to the hospital from a haunted house. Is this really a celebration of  something?

I don';t encourage the blood and gore. Instead I enjoy seeing kids in all kinds of costumes that are fun and creative. I think it's a great opportunity to show your artistic talents. Life is too real for me on an every day basis. I see the drug addicts every day that walk around like zombies. I see the people who are dying from various diseases, we have war and blood all over the TV and in our own neighborhoods. I don't want to celebrate that. I think Halloween should be a chance to impersonate someone. Halloween should be a chance to animate an inanimate object. It should be a celebration of talents.....  I'm sure if we asked kids in a war torn country if they wanted to dress up as a bloody zombie they wouldn't be too excited about it.

Having a vintage shop, I have dressed people as little red riding hood, (sexy of course) hippies, mad hatters, masquerade balls all over the place...and we make such beautiful masks here! So blood is not my thing, crazy sexy pretty is............

Rose Ellen Moore