everything old is new again

My motto for my shop is 'RCMoore for the Unique Individual....because no one is quite like you'.....

People ask me why I chose that...well it was an accident. I've been to fashion week in NYC...I've lived all over the world and I have seen many women, men, fashion dos and don'ts and most of all people SCREAMING whether it is silently or out loud to be noticed. Why do we have that urge to be recognized as individuals?  Well..who likes to be like everyone else?  When you are on a football team you wear a uniform because you want to be a part of a group of people who have a common goal which is to win the game. When you go to schools with uniforms you are part of a student body...it shows school spirit to be a part of this body. That point I totally understand. But there is a group of us...call us non-conformists...that want to stick out. Be that peacock in an enormous flock of seagulls.

How can we look different? How can we dress different and still be individuals? Well...at my shop we have vintage and we also have clothing that has come from all countries and all walks of life. I have Moroccan djellabas and I have African warrior robes...I have styles from 20's,30's,40's...every decade. I have that ugly Christmas sweater that will fit at a party...and I have beautiful beaded dresses for photo shoots. Here...you will get the different. So you won't see yourself coming around every corner. I read in a magazine that capes are in this year. So am I going to see every woman in a cape? If capes are in this year, I would like to wear something different. Because what is IN with a magazine is OUT with me. More of us need to wear clothes that suit US...rather than what suits Elle Magazine or Vogue. I know for me...I look at some of these shoots in the magazines and think, ' what are they smoking?'  Print pants are not for everyone. My thighs are the size of tree trunks..why would I put a Balenciaga print on top of that? Everyone is as unique as a snowflake...isn't that great? Our body is a canvas in the morning/ What color would we like to wear? what mood are you in? Feeling funky? try a belt. Feeling blue? wear something comfortable and loose fitting. Feeling powerful? wear red. Isn't it great that we have a choice?

My job is about having a choice. Being YOU! Be an individual and enjoy life! We hope that you come in for some personal service and create a unique beautiful style that will fit your personality and your needs. Having a personal stylist create a wardrobe for you at no extra cost is something you don't find every day. Macy's cannot offer that. we hope to see you soon...you might find that you like something that you never even gave a thought to. Make it a colorful day!

Rose Ellen Moore