everybody has an off day, but....................

Ok,....lets guess what is wrong with the above pic.  What ever happened to a SLIP? does everyone have to know that you have on a thong? or no underwear?   The importance of underwear or the proper ones are important to any outfit. You have to check the fabric to see if it's too sheer...you have to adjust to every look. You may not like high waisted panties, but there may be that one outfit, where bikini's just aren't going to do the right thing.

Ok....am I complaining about the hat? OH NO! her hat is the only thing she has going for her, because the rest of her is falling in the puddle of SHAME!   You need a good strapless bra, honey!  They have long lines with very good stays to keep those sisters up and happy. This is a shame because otherwise she would look lovely.

Oh is this lady for REAL?  Didn't she feel AIR down THERE!?  This is disgraceful. I would never want to sit on the restaurant seat where she was sitting. EW! where's the Lysol?

Ok..there's this new miraculous thing called SPANKS! and there is also a thing called, where the proper size. We all have rolls...we all have body flaws. The whole game is to conceal and look your best. This is an epic fail on many levels. 

Lets get it together ladies!  Underwear cannot only be beautiful, sexy and feminine,but also classy and functional. Underwear is protection. It can make a fashion faux pax into a SAVE! If your skirt blows up, at least you are not showing the world your ASS, you can show them the greatest panties, with lace, that can look as beautiful as a bathing suit bottom. Your breasts in that strapless dress can become a beautiful decolletage!!!  If you have them, flaunt them, but flaunt them with class and style!  What's wrong with a lovely slip to show from under a skirt? It looks so much better than seeing  through! Your under garments are as important as your outer garments. You are always a woman, but how you present yourself will let others know if you are a lady!

Rose Ellen Moore