celebrate every day!

Yesterday I had the greatest pleasure of attending a women's tea. One of my customers, Lori Unser,
decided that she wanted to play dress up and enjoy her girlfriends company, so she created an event. She is a true believer that you cannot wait for life events to happen, you have to MAKE them happen. And so I was a lucky recipient of an invitation to this wonderful tea.

I looked forward to this event all week! Why? Because it was an event with no obligation. I didn't have to choose a gift or carry one in the car. I didn't have to buy a card. I didn't have to worry about anything...just me. Get myself ready in my "tea attire" and go enjoy. When I reached there, the positive energy in the room was overwhelmingly WONDERFUL!  So many women, in HATS, in pearls, in heels and in their own unique beauty! I was so over joyed to see some of the hats that I made!!!  It's a humbling experience to see someone love what you made, and feel confident and beautiful in it....I just sat there feeling so much joy I could have cried.

We had tea, we had scones, and we had little finger sandwiches.  All of this before a delicious chicken salad and then tiny cakes! YUM!

I want to thank Lori from the bottom of my heart! I made some new friends, I relaxed and enjoyed the company, food and good vibes!  She has the right idea!  Why do we have to wait until there is someone's birthday to have a party? why do we have to wait until someone dies to see old friends that we haven't seen in years?  We must start changing the way that we are living! Make a party to celebrate LIFE! We only get one chance................

Rose Ellen Moore