who should be your FASHION JUDGE??

This morning as I was getting ready for work I turned on the TV and randomly poked a button which brought up The Fashion Police.  I always liked this show,but it really bothered me for some reason today.
I don't like it when they 'poke fun' at someone for the sake of a laughs or ratings. This morning one of the 'actresses' who was a thick black woman wore an  orange dress and one of the panel said, she looked like someone spilled kool aid on a table cloth. Joan Rivers said, ' too much fabric!'  Of course there was alot of fabric, she is a lot of girl!  I thought for a moment, who should be a JUDGE over who is wearing too much fabric or who looks nice or doesn't look nice? Everyone has their own taste. Should anyone be made fun of for ratings or money? If these people left their homes feeling good about themselves as actresses or artists, then they have the right to wear anything they wish. These are creative people giving other creative people (who are designers) a chance to show their designs. People have a choice to be conservative or flamboyant.
No one has the right to make them right or wrong. I think the Fashion Police need to put themselves on probation. Lets think OUTSIDE the box people...a black dress with red shoes is as pretty as a black dress with black shoes. Let these people be unique....
Rose Ellen Moore