stand strong

Well it has certainly been an eventful week!

We were flooded, damaged, abused by certain people, and then a cloud opens up.  My dear friends invited us for their Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. The invitation urged me to find out what it is....I was mystified and i wanted to know what they were celebrating, and why is it their holiest night of the year.

I read an article in the Washington Post, and here is what it had to say about Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah is celebrated as the birthday of the world. And we, as humans, no matter if we are Jew or Gentile, are all connected to this wonderful place and connected to each other. There is repentance, there is forgiveness, there is the blowing of the Shofar (Ram's horn) and there is the tasting of apples, honey, raisins, pomegranates, which symbolizes a sweet year to come.

 I was not raised Jewish, but I am so fortunate this year to be spending this holiest day with my dearest friends and adopted parents, Jerry and Etta Salman. This Holy Day for me symbolizes a new beginning. A strive to be a better human being, a better wife, a better mother. I need to try not to make the same mistakes twice. I would like to appreciate things more in my life.

And so on this day, I have decided to Thank God for myself. Thank Him for my talents, my ability to create, and the opportunity to do it. I am sorry for those that I have wronged. I am sorry for complaining and for taking things for granted. And I look forward to a wonderful New Year full of wonderful things that are waiting for me. I'm sure there will be hurdles, but I'll be able to jump over them, I know it.

So Happy New Year to all my friends, every single one. L'Shana Tovah!

Rose Ellen Moore