As I got ready for work this morning, I was so grateful that I didn't have to get anyone else ready. I was a single mom for a long time and I KNOW what it is like for a woman to wake up, shower, run downstairs and pack lunches, wake up kids, be the first one in the bathroom to brush teeth, put on some kind of make up and then prod all the children to brush teeth and get dressed. If they are preschool or younger, well good luck! I remember getting into work and feeling like I already completed a day's work. I remember feeling relief when they got into the school's doors. I remember the feeling of dread when it was a snow day. What do I do with the kids? who was going to watch them? What if one of them was sick? who was going to watch them?
 How many of us rushed out of work to pick up our children from daycare or school, only to get home and cook supper, do laundry, help with homework, may be go to a second job? I remember thinking, "I didn't plan to for my life to be this way."

To all women out there that are stretched to the point of pulling your hair out---------I HEAR YOU!
To all women out there that cannot get little niceties for themselves like new pantyhose, or new winter coat--------------I HEAR YOU! To all of the women out there that struggle with childcare on a daily basis and worry all day that your child isn't being cared for properly, only to get up the next morning and do it all again-------------I HEAR YOU!

Let this be some comfort. Your children are only small for a short time, try not to wish their life away, hoping for an easier time when they are older. You won't have to struggle forever.

My business is for women...we try to help you look professional and stylish while not spending alot of money. I give you free facials and make up tips to help you stretch your products and make them last longer and at the same time treat your skin well. We allow you to come to the shop and share you problems, your thoughts or just vent, when you need an ear, we are here.

I hope that other women out there who have been down this road can inspire other women who are at this difficult path in their life. No judgments, no lectures, is what it is and sometimes it's really tough.

Sisters, pick up your other sisters. Educate them, inspire them and help them. Isn't that all we can ask or do for each other?

Rose Ellen Moore