new hair

Today I am embracing my new hair.  I'm growing out my red mohawk and I don't know what to do, so in the meantime I am wearing 'bought' hair. I steered away from the curls today and wore a sleek short combo black and red 'do'.

For women out there, (and men) who are afraid to change their style I say this:

whatever you choose to wear, do, do not need anyone's approval. What anyone else thinks is none of your business. Choose your style..own it, love it and strut like you are enjoying yourself. Soon you will find that other people want to adopt your style. Not because they like it so much, but they like how YOU wore it.

Today I am enjoying being WARM in my black cotton dress which I purchased way back in the 80's when I was very young. I belted it today and wore a warm pashmina over it. I am wearing my very comfortable gladiators because I am on my feet ALL day and then some. My work day starts at 10AM and I go home, (if I am lucky) around 11PM.

Own your look ladies, enjoy your style. There is only one of you...isn't that GREAT!?!

Rose Ellen Moore