LIVE your life!

Last night I had the great pleasure of having 3 beautiful ladies in my shop!  What a treat it was to have a beautiful woman, Carolyn and her mother and mother in law. I won't say Carolyn's age, but I will say her mom is 91 years young and her mother in law, in her 80's. What I saw between the three of them was something rare and wonderful.  We laughed and talked for a few hours about this and that, and then my husband discovered that the mother in law is from Tobago, so they had to talk about who they knew and where they lived. But the most wonderful thing about these amazing ladies, is that they had such a wonderful respect for each other. The two mothers called each other, 'mother'...and Carolyn treated both with love and respect.  How many times a relationship between mother and daughter or mother in law and daughter in law does not work out?  I know for myself, my mother who is living, does not speak to me. It is a great sadness that never goes away.   My mother in law lives in Trinidad, so I can never solidify my relationship with her. I admired Carolyn and her mothers. Trying on necklaces, laughing, joking and enjoying each other's company. I'm sure their relationships are not perfect. I'm sure one of them gets on the other one's nerves at one point in time. But the best thing is, they LOVE each other and RESPECT each other, no matter what. They have a deep belief in God...and of course, that is the foundation of their beautiful relationship.  I can't wait until these beautiful women come back again so I can soak up all the love and joy. For those of you out there with good relationships with your mother and mother in are BLESSED!   Life is and love while you can.  And....don't forget to thank God for love he put in your life.

Rose Ellen Moore