Good Buys for your wardrobe for Good By Summer!!!!

It has been a crazy week here at the shop.  The weather has been up and down so much that people don't know what to wear and truthfully I don't know what to choose for my boutique. So for most of you out there that don't know what to choose, and are mourning the fading of summer, these are my suggestions:

1. wear layers. 

whether it is hot or cold, always be prepared. The weather can shift or you can be in a building with air conditioning that was not regulated for Sept. Either way, wear a tank, then a blouse and a light jacket. Be careful with jackets. Keep them in proportion to your height. 

2. Wear panty hose or textured hose. 

Bare legs should be fading along with the fading summer. If you feel warm, try textured hose with a shorter skirt....  don't be caught with goosebumps on your legs. You can also try cool patterned bobby socks with sneakers if you feel the weather is warm enough. I think that look is also cool with a longer skirt.  Also ladies, cream those knees and legs. Colder weather means dryer skin!

3.  Light sweaters in breathable cotton

look for sweaters light in texture, and soft and breathable. A cotton sweater or cardigan is great thing to have in your closet.


YES! bring back those 70's ponchos! they are comfortable, and just right for the weather. Kick it with a newsboy hat or floppy hat. You will be surprised of how 'lifted' you feel by wearing something that brings back memories!

Today I chose to wear for one last time, my linen border decorated skirt. I love this skirt. The bottom is embroidered with sequins. You can't see the beauty in a photo. The fabric is a linen blend. Just one more time. Since I am always on the cold side, I chose a black 3/4 sleeve shirt and light red leather jacket. What kind of 'look' is this? I don't know...but it's so totally ME!   Most important, be YOURSELF and ENJOY painting your fashion picture today!
Rose Ellen Moore