How do you REALLY feel?

Good morning my friends.

I usually blog about the first thing that pops into my mind in the morning. This morning was so strange. I wanted to wear a cardigan like Michelle Obama. (insert huge amounts of laughter here)   Ok..why?  well...she wears cardigans so well. These are her signature pieces. I suppose in my mother's day she wanted to channel Jackie O, but as for me, I wanted to channel Michelle O.   So with that being said, I pulled out every cardigan I had, which was one! Oh great! and it was a print! wonderful!  So I pulled out my black full skirted dress and a skinny belt and decided, this is not me. I don't feel awesome. I don't feel fabulous and most of all, I don't feel confidant. What was working for Michelle Obama, was NOT working for Rose Ellen Moore. So...I had to , as they say, "drop back and punt."   I didn't have time to pick out and press a whole entire outfit, So, I chose a black plain dress...I put on a chain belt on the OUTSIDE of the cardigan...put on my romantically wild cardigan and a kicky pair of print shoes. Now I'm me! We have to feel like ourselves. Stop trying to BE anyone. It's nice to have people INSPIRE you. It's nice to have input with fashion, but copying is plagiarism! You cannot copy a Picasso, you cannot copy a Michealangelo, so don't try to be anyone or anything else. Embrace being YOU!
me on the right with my dear friend, Joanie Caruso

Rose Ellen Moore