Yesterday I went to the gynecologist for my yearly exam. Lucky for me, as I took off my clothes to put on the gown, I noticed I got my gift from mother nature. How can that possibly happen? It's not 28 days yet!!!! No it's not, and welcome to menopause!!!  PARTAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!   All the fun started about 2 years ago. The sweats at night, then the chills right after, the cries....oh yes. The cheerio commercial makes me cry, any commercial involving puppies, small children and old people makes me a blithering idiot of tears. I carry a purse full of pads because I never know when the lucky day comes. God forbid I wear white pants. Then I'm crabby...oh yes. I will bite the heads off small children if they say something wrong. Everything irritates me. So, as I was putting ON my clothes to go home, my Dr. said to me...'have you considered hormone replacement therapy? I think your symptoms will ease up.' Well....I am not one to take pills. I try to do everything naturally. So I decided to do some research on the subject. I also decided to take a poll. So, every woman who came to the shop yesterday was subject to the question...'are you in menopause and if so, do you take hormone replacements?' I'm sure every one of them appreciated it. :P
Surprisingly...more than half are taking hormones...I did a study on the internet. I came across a very interesting website and here it is....

I have decided against hormones for myself...but I will say this. I have decided to make major changes in my life. I've decided to be gentle with myself, and if I cry...i cry..so what!  If I forget something...it's not a catastrophe...I'll live. (unless I forget to feed myself...I'm sure that will not happen~!)  I've discovered, the more I keep active the less night sweats I have.  As far as crabby...I try to say positive affirmations..it gives me patience. I still keep my stash of pads in my purse and even the glove compartment. I'll just have to persevere with that one.  My eating? well...if I can't milk it, pluck it, pick it or catch it...I don't eat it. Fresh..that's the key.

So I say this to women out there...some days you are going to have a good day...so dress well and enjoy those days. Some days are going to be 'not so good' and on those days...dress comfortably and be gentle with yourselves. Make sure you do research as to what the best plan is for you. Your doctor is a good source but only YOU will know what is best for you. The internet has a vast amount of information. Always get a second opinion!  Don't be down on yourselves. Our grandmothers, and great mothers have survived menopause and we will too! and when all else fails.....RETAIL THERAPY...that's the best!  So come visit me in the store...or shop online, at www.rcmooreunique.com

Have a great day! and ENJOY being a woman!

Rose Ellen Moore