great hair dying expedition of 2013

So last night I left work so so so tired! It was 7PM and I had to get my nails done because they were like tallons! too long, snaggy and chipped.  So off I went to my favorite place, Jade Hair and Nail Salon. My friend Dan did a great job on my nails and Jim was to trim my mohawk.But I was tired of the same ole same ole, so I decided to go back to black. I have a mysterious background and it is somewhat unusual. My mother is Italian, but my father was a Magyar gypsy. Fun, right? I think so. And when you are a gypsy, you are a piece of everybody. Maybe that is why I have such a diverse set of children (we have 6!) and 3 very different granddaughters. So I'm back to the original, Black hair....stay tuned for the hot pink streak...I think I need a little pizazz!

Rose Ellen Moore