Father knows best!

This morning I came across an article on MSNBC.com

the link is this:

this is about a father who's daughter always wears short shorts and so he asked her put on different ones. Her response was 'no' and so he decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. He put on short shorts of his own and brought her to the point of embarrassment when she would not get out of the car to play miniature golf with him. This made me laugh and I applaud this father for #1 taking an interest in teaching his daughter a lesson without arguing, humiliating or yelling. #2 He cares about what she is wearing.

We MUST take an interest and take the time to listen and teach our children. We have an obligation since we brought them into this world. They must learn about self respect, self expression and art and at the same time do it with class and taste. It is important to guide them and allow them to express themselves without exposing themselves, selling out and being distasteful.  Dressing yourself is like painting a blank canvas. You choose your colors, you choose your styles, you put it all together and see what effect you are trying to create.

I hope other fathers take a lesson from this guy and TAKE AN INTEREST! be a part of your daughter's or son's fashion ethic. help them to mold it and be unique without losing their self respect.

Rose Ellen Moore