the daily fight

Everyday is a struggle to remain positive. Just this morning in the news, there is an amber alert, and Heiress' kin is fighting for her 300 million dollars, violence is so bad in Egypt they named yesterday the 'day of rage, and 34 wildfires are raging in Idaho. All of this came to my attention before 730 AM.

We are inundated with stars getting plastic surgery, the Kardashians drama or the Real Housewives of somewhere with their drama, and Deal With It has me so angry that people find hurting other  people to be more important than money. This woman was instructed to tell her husband that the baby was not his. IS THAT FUNNY? all this for some money? never mind that you HURT this man.

Honestly, we must get back to our authentic selves...our inner being. We need to turn off the television, and we need to focus on what is important. My routine is to thank my Creator for giving me the opportunity to help people, for living, for breathing for enjoying my life. I thank my husband for being faithful and for believing in me, and then I bask in the contentment and keep that feeling with me for the day. Before all of the negativity starts pouring in from the world outside. I suggest arming yourselves, my sisters. Arm yourselves with contentment, love, positivity, and gratitude. Don't allow anyone to creep into your mind to destroy your peace. It may be a struggle at times, we all get down and depressed for whatever reason. But fight on!

There is an old proverb about a man who was walking many many miles carrying a large heavy sack. The sack was full of food, clothing and things that he thought he may need. He was so tired. He met a man on the road and they shared a conversation and the man said, 'I am so tired of carrying this , it's so heavy'  to which the other man replied, ' just put it down' ...   simple solution but so great the meaning. If your burdens, worries, 'things' are so heavy, just put them down and TRUST that the things that you need will be given to you when the time comes. Shut out the negativity in the world and focus on what is important. and remember these things:

Health is the greatest gift
Contentment is the greatest wealth
Faithfulness is the best relationship

apply these things to your life today and see if your world changes for the better. Now..arm yourselves my sisters and put on your big girl panties and face today!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore