The art of coloring..............

Many people know that my hair is not red naturally. I know what you are all thinking...."nooooo...really?"  well...sadly, my hair is very very dark brown almost black. You can tell by my bat wing eyebrows. I started coloring my hair red ( a two part process when I was in my late 40's. I wanted a color that reflected my personality. Well, red it is!!!!

The problem with coloring one's hair at home is that it gets everywhere. And being that I am coloring my hair the color of a fire engine, it gets everywhere really fast. A few days ago, while coloring my hair, I spilled one drop on the floor, which I promptly stepped in without realizing it. Then...I marched down the hallway, praying that nothing would drip off my head when in reality I was tracking it on my toe. I realized when I arrived in the kitchen (which has a white floor) what I was doing. I bent down to clean it up and I put my head into the white cabinets. I cleaned the cabinets and backed up into the refrigerator which now had a red splotch on the front. Ok...calm down. We can clean this up quickly. As I cleaned and backed up on my hands and knees all the way to the bathroom..the bell rang. I panicked. I can't leave it on too long! so I raced into the bathroom tripping on the throw rug and bumped into the shower curtain. What happened after that was like a scene from Psycho. Bell was ringing, I was rushing to clean it off the curtain when it was getting somewhere else. My husband came home from work and said that it looked like I killed a small animal in the bathroom. But you know what? I love my hair color so much, this fiasco will not deter me from remaining the beautiful sun shiny red that I am. I feel like the sun!

That's what I urge women to do. Feel beautiful! BE beautiful! If your hair color makes you happy..then do it! If you need professional service, get a good hairdresser. if you can do it at home, good for you. I hope your bathroom looks better than mine! But most of all, if it makes you happy...then shine shine shine!!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore