SUPERELASTIC BUBBLEPLASTIC! plastic surgery pros and cons..........

Why are we so enthralled with plastic surgery?  What is the fear of getting older? Are we afraid that by society's standards we will no longer be beautiful?  And for that matter, what exactly is beautiful?

I can understand if a woman does not feel good about herself, the turkey neck just isn't feeling good for her. She wants it taken away....OK, I get it. But to get surgery to the point of looking eternally surprised is something I just don't understand. Lips are getting so large, people can't even smile or form a sentence. Eyebrows are almost to the hairline, and the skin is starting to resemble a plastic toy doll.

I am now 51....sometimes things bother me. Another wrinkle here, another bunch of fat there, oh, and here is a freckle I didn't know I had. But truthfully I am going to try VERY hard, to go out of this life authentic. This is me. The true, true me. No substitutions. I'm not an artificial sweetener. I'm not something that 'looks like' a designer brand, but I'm a fake. No...  I am me, the true artifact. All my bumps, bulges and sags are mine. I own them, I earned them. It takes me a little longer to get ready in the morning. A little more cover up, a little more mascara, but that is only to enhance what is already there. I'm not hiding.  I try to stretch out my wrinkles by smiling more. Yep, that does it. and not only do they stretch out, but it's contagious and other people smile back at me!!

Don't get it wrong, I do not judge people that have had, or are having plastic surgery.  I'm just going to try really hard to love what I have. I'm afraid of the anesthesia, I'm afraid of getting a blood clot, and lets face it, complications CAN happen. Wanda Sykes says "I'M BE ME!"

Rose Ellen Moore