So what exactly is beautiful? Is it a woman or man with a perfect form? Is it the smile of child? Is it a garden full of flowers or a perfect sunset? I learned long ago from my grandmother that beauty is class. By class I mean respect for oneself. Respect for others. A beautiful heart and a smile for everyone. So, with that being said, I am starting a blog for the women who feel less than beautiful for whatever reason. For the woman who is badgered on a daily basis from her husband, boyfriend or family members and feels worthless. For the woman who has cancer and learns that she must lose whatever part of her body due to this illness. For the woman who feels she has failed as a parent because her children did not make the wisest choices and now have to pay the consequences of their choices. For the woman who feels rejected by society because she is too many sizes bigger than the 'normal' woman.  For the woman who feels as Pink says, "Less than perfect".  I am here to give women hope, confidence, and to make them feel beautiful at any age and at any size. No matter what is going on in their lives, I GET IT! I've been there and I've cried the buckets of tears, punished my body and mind and now at 51 I am here to say, approval from anyone is not important .  Approval from your Creator and from your inner self is all that's needed. Like a dinner at a beautiful restaurant, presentation is key. Imagine yourself as a beautiful decadent desert...chocolate, with whipped cream, complete with a cherry on top. Sitting on a plate of confidence and served with a dose of positivity and love. 
     Lets start with the desert itself. A woman needs to present herself at her best every day. That's hard, but start with a litany of gratitude every morning to put your mind in the right perspective. Choose an outfit that reflects the inner you. Don't choose something to HIDE rather choose something to ENHANCE. Then, make up, jewelry, hair....(I can hear some of you...I DON"T WEAR MAKE UP>>>I DON"T LIKE TO DO MY HAIR) ok ok!  lets try a hat...lets try a about a beautiful head wrap....we have options. No make up? about just some moisturizer and a complexion cream that will even out your skin tone. that's it!   wearing a dress? Don't forget your hose!!! and if you say it's too hot? well....make sure your skirt is to the knee or below. Nothing screams ' no class low class '  than a woman with a short short dress and no stockings~ Proper undergarments are important as well. Make sure your bra actually performs a function which is LIFTING UP! If your 'sisters' are not in the right place..get a new bra! got a tummy? I do too. Try some spanx or some support hose to get everything smooth and tucked in. Ok..we are all together. Desert is complete. Now for our plate. Whatever you have on....LOVE IT! OWN IT! Walk with a purpose, head up, back straight ....there you go! Do you have to walk passed a group of men on the sidewalk to get to your job? are they harassing you? Just keep in your head...they are not the fashion police. If a man does not tip his hat, or his head, or give you a kind word or a simple hello, he is not worth a look or a gesture. They simply do not exist. It only takes a minute to walk passed, you blessed them with your presence, now they are gone. Simple. 
        If women at work are talking about you? great! that means you are doing something right. Because usually other women who have low self esteem HATE women who have confidence. What to do? Nothing. You keep doing YOUR do...and leave them in DOO DOO! They aren't worth the nit picking and aggravation. Don't let them take what you have away. Now serve up your delicious desert to everyone who would like to have some. Serve with a smile and there you woman. And remember, there is a special place in hell for a woman who does not lift up her sister. Remember that as you enjoy being the beautiful desert that is called YOU!

Rose Ellen Moore