Put on your Confidence before putting on your hat!

  Many women come in my shop and say, 'I'm not a hat person' ...or, 'they look good on everyone else, but not me.'   You can be a hat person if you wish. Anyone can be anything they wish. It all depends on how you feel about yourself. If you put a label on yourself that says, 'I'm not a hat person' or, ' I'm fat' or, 'I'm ugly" or 'I'm short' "I'm old'...then, so shall you be. 

Remember, my sisters, that beauty comes with how you view yourself. Do not look to society to label yourself as beautiful. Do not look for approval from anyone else. What you say about yourself or anyone else becomes law in this universe. What you say, so shall you become. 

Start each day with gratitude; for life, for love, for the ability to do things. Then drown your mind in positive thoughts about yourself. Label yourself as beautiful, unique, a gift. All of a sudden you will find, you may be a hat person, you may be a confident person, but mostly, you will be a beautiful person. You ARE what you say you are.