happy hair!

If any of you have been reading my blogs, you all know about my hair dying fiasco of 2013. It was a repeat of the hair dying fiasco of 2012 only a different color.  Now, I'm trying to grow out my hair and as most of you know I sport a red mohawk. So growing this out will require patience, understanding and a ton of hair glue!

So, today I have decided to wear my happy hair. What is that? well, I have 12 wigs in a drawer, and when I'm feeling blue, bad about myself  (which I do occasionally) and I need a pick-me-up, I reach in my drawer and pull out some happy hair. Then, whatever one I pull out, I put an outfit on that is just as happy and voila! I feel good about myself, the world, and I'm ready to face the day with a positive outlook. I wonder if Dolly Parton does that, or Wendy Williams? But , really, it's like roulette. I never know what I'm going to pull out, and it's a fun surprise on those days when I'm feeling blah, tired or just not exciting enough.

This morning I watched Lady Gaga's new video on Good Morning America, and it excited me. It was called Applause. Isn't that we all love and what we all crave from time to time. We are always looking for approval, always looking for people to say, 'it's ok' to wear what we wear, or do what we do. Well, today, all I need is my happy hair. I don't need anyone's approval, I don't care if people do or don't like it. I like me. I thank God for me. I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. 

So today, I ask you these questions:
Do you like yourself?
Would you want to be friends with you?
Would you want to be anyone else instead of yourself?

until next time, I hope you enjoy your day as I am. I hope you are thankful for this day as I am. And I hope you are loving yourself, as I am. 


Rose Ellen Moore