finding your sense of style

 How can I be my own fashion guru?  How can I find my own sense of style? 

Well...if you are tired of looking like everyone else, if you are tired of magazines telling you what to wear....then look within.  What kind of person are you? are you funny and full of humor?  try bright colors and prints. Mix them...wear them and OWN THEM. when I say Own them, I mean, feel confident, feel proud, and don't worry about what other people are saying about you.  Try 2 different prints in the same color scheme, or try one bold loud print and another small subtle print. Try wearing all one color and a kicky pair of heels in a different color. Something totally unexpected.

If you have alittle more seriousness inside you, try wearing white, cream, or khaki. For a sportier look, try browns, olive greens or navy. Finding your style, means finding something to wear that brings you joy. Fashion mags are great when you are at a loss, but if you are creative, and what they are showing doesn't work for you, try vintage. maybe another moment in time captures the moment that's in your heart.

The number one thing to remember when finding your own style is DON"T BE AFRAID! BE YOU! and BE BEAUTIFUL!