feelin good!

You know....

                    when I was younger I hated my toes. I thought they were fat and looked like Flintstone feet. I hated my ears to show, and when I look at my pictures of me when I'm 14 I look like I'm wearing a helmut. I have my hair pulled back but carefully combed over my ears because God FORBID they would show and therefore render me goofy looking!  I didn't wear anything but pink lipstick because I thought my lips were oddly shaped and I have a scar from playing basketball with my friend Dave in 6th grade when I was trying to make a hook shot and fell on my face.  I wore 2 pairs of jeans in school . They were the same style. blue jeans with no decoration on the pocket because I didn't want to call attention to my enormous butt.  

Now~! well...Now....now I'm just lovin me. I like my hair...and sometimes I wear wigs, and sometimes I wear my mohawk and sometimes I slick it all back and wrap my head like a true gypsy does. I love my big butt! I am wearing printed pants...look at my butt...make sure you stop and look at the WHOLE THING! It's so big I can rent it out as a billboard, but it's mine, and I love it.
I love my toes too...I paint them red, with red lips to match.  I wish I knew back in the day what I know now. Look at all the time I wasted because I was so afraid of what everyone thought of my toes, my ears, my butt.   Now...I don't need approval....I need room to flaunt myself!   Life is good


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