ethnic clothing and who has the right to wear it

Who has the right to wear a Dashiki? Only African people? What about a beautiful brocade sari? only Eastern Indians?   If that is the case, we are all at fault. Most of our clothing came from designers who were inspired by many different ethnic races.  I am Italian/Gitane....what am I to wear? Like many Italian women...only black? like most gypsy women, colorful skirts and headscarves?  I enjoy seeing beauty in many different forms. What some people deem 'ugly' I deem as beautiful. Many people see what is, and me, I see the potential of what could be. 

So...I enjoy wearing African women's clothing. I enjoy the prints, the colorful designs and I relish in the joy of wearing a clothing representative of people who have a beautiful outlook on life.  I also love wearing the rich brocades and embroidered patterns of Eastern Indian fabric......Ritu Bari has taken some beautiful Eastern elegance and added some western touches to make a beautiful statement of mixed beauty.  The look below is just an example. So you see, it's for any woman, ...any woman that dares!  So ladies, enjoy wearing clothing from your own ethnic group...then, maybe step into a different world and enjoy wearing something different, beautiful and a representative of who we are as a people of the United States. We are truly 'the melting pot'.