doing what you love!

Today my eyes are half open. My husband and I got home from work at 3:27AM and as I sunk my poor tired body into the shower I realized my age and I was thankful to hit the sack. What I also realized is that I never worked so hard in all my life. The great thing about it is I am working for myself. What greater satisfaction is there than to have your own business, work hard and make other people so happy? 

Today we had 2 young girls getting ready for a 50's party. They looked great. Another woman was getting ready for a morning wedding on Saturday...and yet another woman was just shopping for 'retail therapy' after an argument with a family member. it is nice to know that I am filling a need, creating a positive atmosphere and making women feel beautiful. Although I am feeling tired, I have never felt so powerful in my life.

Rose Ellen Moore