Can we please stop the Pajama pants?????

On my way to work today I was shocked that in just a few short blocks I counted 4 pairs of pajama pants. They weren't even funny pants, not a cute print, nor a fun color. Instead, I found faded, dirty pajama pants, with holes, some said SEXY or PINK on the butt. Really people?  Can you put on something better to get gas in your car? This is not about judgment, or money, or the haves and have nots. I own a consignment, vintage , retail and hat shop. We donate many many bags of clothing to women's shelters, to people who do not have. There is not a reason in the world other than laziness, that women must present themselves in a fashion embarrassing to the rest of the world and to their children.

Palazzo pants are a good relaxing alternative. How about a jogging suit? Even sweat pants with a cute top. You don't have to get gas in your car looking like a fashion plate, but you do have to be presentable. You owe it to all woman kind to represent your sisters in an acceptable way, and you owe it to all mankind to keep horrible visions out of our heads!  Today is not my best day. I do not feel well physically, but I am wearing a fashionable sweatsuit, flip flops, and matching hat. I look nice, I look acceptable. Not my best, but no one will run screaming from the shop.

Self respect is reflected in how we present ourselves every day. We may not live up to Kardashian standards, but we can make an effort to present ourselves with class. CLASS!  Someone should put that on their ass on  pajama pants!