Be My Friend Always

Today is Throwback Thursday. I got this really fun wig that's really curly and big, just like I used to wear my hair in high school. I put it on today for a laugh and remember my attitude in high school. I didn't have many friends. I was weird and different. I liked different clothes and I couldn't 'feather' my hair because it was kinky. I remember being alone a lot, and for me, it was OK.  I moved away from the town I grew up in. I was so happy to do so because I felt I didn't fit in there. But before I moved away, I was in a grocery store and a thin, beautiful woman came up to me and said,"Rose! Do you remember me?" I said, 'no', and she said, " It's Deb from High School" (using a fictitious name here) I was shocked, because in high school, Deb was fat, had braces and so many kids made fun of her. I remembered that her mother died, or maybe just left....but I remember that she lived with her grandmother, and because of that, she never had any 'cool' clothes. She didn't have a dad at home either. She always wanted to be accepted at school and everyone and I mean EVERYONE made fun of her. I always made it a point to say hello to her because I felt alone, and I knew how she must have felt. We had a class together, and no one wanted to be her partner. I volunteered because I was pretty sure no one wanted to be my partner either. In the grocery store she said, " you were always friendly to me, Rose...and when everyone teased me, you always said something nice. I've never forgotten that."  I almost cried because I never gave it a second thought after school. But at that moment I thought, act of kindness so many years ago, can make a lasting impression of a lifetime. She was beautiful back then, but  no one saw it. Why is it that we can be so cruel without remorse? This Throwback Thursday I dedicate my blog to 'Deb'....and to all the other girls out there that were struggling to fit in. All you have to do is be kind, and you will fit . God will find a place for a kind person. He did it for me.