Are We Still in Junior High School

When I read this article on MSN...I thought, really? In the midst of seeing videos on drowned immigrant children, shootings in Germany, stabbings in France and Japan..I reflected for a bit on how petty and diminished our human race has become.

I have a Facebook page because I have a business. I have to admit, I thought it fun at first to look up all my old friends I had in high school, people I have known in my 20s and 30s. It was fun to reconnect after all these years. What I really hate the bottom of my hateful political views, violence, and bullying. We should be beyond all that. Now please understand...I have a strong political view of my own. And I feel very passionate about certain things. But we live in a great country where everyone is free to think or feel whatever they like. That is the double edged sword of this country. We can worship in our own way, we can live our life as we choose and we can dress in a way that reflects the people we are.

At least once a week I am confronted by people who insist on telling me what they think of my outfit in a negative way.  I dress in what suits me. I am flamboyant and fun and my clothes reflect that. I don't count on a seal of approval from anyone. But every time I go somewhere, be it post office, grocery store, fabric store; I am subject to barbs and hateful comments. Why? Is this what we have become? We never really left junior high, did we? I go out of my way, at times, to compliment a woman because I feel, we, as women, have to bear a heavy burden by working, raising children and caring for our husbands. We are always under scrutiny and it seems we are never 'good enough' . I feel all women need to be up-lifted.

When I read this article on MSN it reminded me of that day I stood in the post office and the two women behind me had a field day making fun of my gold sequin jacket. I had on black pants, black shirt with a gold sequin peace sign (ironic) and my jacket. They could not get over my frizzy hair, my false eyelashes and my shoes..(yes, I forgot, they were gold sequined too) They talked ABOUT me but so I could hear. I was wondering if I should tell them off...(the Italian in me soooooo wanted to do that) see...when you deal with people who are uneducated, who's lives aren't going the way they want, it's really not worth the time. When I finished my mailing I turned around and smiled at them...why? because my life is so much better than theirs. I am going home to a man that loves me, maybe they are not...I have 6 happy healthy children, maybe they don't....I have a beautiful life...I doubt they do......

So this woman on MSN..did the right thing....she sent back the love. Sometimes it's hard to find that....but it's better than the alternative.

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Do We have Any Privacy at all????

Yesterday in the news, a model body-shamed a woman at the gym. She actually photographed her naked body, blurred out the 'vital parts' and put it on twitter. Can you believe that?  I can.

Unfortunately we live in a society where nothing is private. Everything is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here's the sad thing, are on there whether you like it or not.

I go to the gym every morning. I literally roll out of bed and put my workout clothes on. Teeth not brushed, no make up on and glasses. Hair is a frizzy ponytail on the top of my head. It's not pretty... I don't match...I don't care. I go there to sweat and take care of my body. I go in and in 1 hour, I go out. I hope and pray no one takes a photo of me, grunting and sweating with my red contorted face, just trying to get my miles in before I go to work. And if I ever find myself on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram NAKED in a gym locker room, I would go after that person in any legal way that I could. Where is the respect for someone's privacy?  Not only that, but this woman who Dani Mathers, a playboy model, disrespected, was at the gym, to take care of herself. Kudos to her.

Read the article below, it's interesting and congratulations to Christine Blackmon who wrote an open letter to this model. Just goes to show you....don't look for beauty on the outside. Something can be painted a pretty color, and on the inside, all that's there is ROT!

Why do I celebrate my birthday so much? Here's why


I am writing this blog on May 23rd, two days after my 54th birthday. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be leaving a 'normal' life.

When I was 17 I had horrible pain in my left ear. I had ear problems from the time I was very small. The doctors told my mother there was a problem in my left ear, and when I get older I would have to deal with it.  Well, 17 was the age. I had a large congenital cholesteatoma in my mastoid and it was deteriorating the bones in my ear . It was causing infection because it was growing behind my ear drum. It is a rare thing that happens to people, maybe 1 in 1,000.  This tumor ate everything in its path. It destroyed my mastoid bone, which is the hard lump behind your ear. It destroyed all the bones inside my ear, my ear drum, my cochlea (which helps you with balance) and it was starting to affect the nerves in my face. I had a wonderful doctor, his name was Dr Reams. He operated on me twice. One time he thought he got it all, but the second time, he definitely did. It was a horrible time. I had just lost my father the year before. I was 17 and a talented musician. I was ready to attend music school at College Misericordia. But now, I had issues.

After the operation, they performed a tympanoplasty, in which they made me a new eardrum. I could hear alittle, not much, but it was enough to have a normal conversation. Well...7 years passed and I was pregnant with my first child. Labor wasn't long. The doctor told me after about 5 hours, to push as hard as I could. I did, and I heard something pop in my head. My entire face was full of little red dots and I couldn't hear anything. I was so happy to have my baby, that I didn't say anything until the doctor said, we have to examine your face. You have some broken blood vessels. I could hear him speaking but he sounded really far away. Sure enough I had 'popped' the eardrum. I heard a 'whooshing' noise....the Dr who was my gynecologist, said that it would go away.  I don't know why I listened to him, he was the Dr of THE OTHER END...not my head. But being so young, I just listened to what he said.

After some months passed, it was not getting any better. I went to an otolaryngologist. He told me there was alot of damage from the pressure. He tried to fix it, but to this day, I am deaf in my left ear. I hear white noise all the time like the station needs to be changed on the radio. At first it was annoying, now I'm used to it. I also have a balance problem. When I was young, I was a champion swimmer. I was somersaulting into the pool in the deep end. Now, I have trouble just keeping the right end up. I used to be a life guard, now I have to guard myself. Wearing heels is a problem, I have to walk slow, and lean to the right side. It's easier to lean on my husband, but when he's not around, I take my good old time. I wear false eyelashes because it's easier to balance my face. My left side is 'droopy', but once I put my make up on, it's all smoke and mirrors.

So, why not celebrate? Every year I think, it's one more year that maybe I wasn't supposed to have. It's one more year that I am still here. So I appreciate all of the well wishes and the love.......I appreciate my life. could have been ALOT worse!

Rose Ellen A. Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop

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The disregard of a woman's right to LIVE

I have been watching States of Undress since it first came out. I love fashion, fashion shows, different cultures and I thought what I was watching was the way people dress in other countries and how our country influences these cultures.

Yes, I was watching just that, but much more. I started with States of Undress Nigeria, then States of Undress Venezuela, then States of Undress Pakistan...and that one hit me hard.

In Nigeria, fashion is a beautiful statement just like here. There are political problems, there is corruption, many things that are unjust and sad. In Venezuela, it is important for a woman to be beautiful, because that could mean her ticket to a better life. If she is not beautiful she is bound to live in poverty and lack of education for the rest of her life.

Then Pakistan.....

I urge you to copy and paste this url into your browser and watch as this man justifies pouring acid on his wife's face because she dressed in the latest fashion and cut her hair. In Pakistan and many countries in that region, just the fact that a woman chooses to do something to affect her appearance without permission is grounds for divorce and mutilation. If you watch the complete episode, they also pour acid on her private parts to make sure she can never have children, It is not enough to divorce, they must completely DESTROY the woman.

Women in the United States have struggled and fought to vote, to have their own bank accounts, to be able to be single and still be respected. My sisters, please do not take these things for granted. Be grateful and thankful that you can choose to have as many children as YOU want, if you want any at all. You may choose to go to college if you want. You may choose to wear what you like, you may choose to cut your hair. You may marry the person that YOU give your heart to. The fact that this woman chose to wear a certain fashion and cut her hair and she was totally destroyed for it, brings tears to my eyes. The fact that the word 'fashion' is this terrible thing is so so sad.   If I lived over in that area, I would surely be dead, and I would have suffered to die, I'm sure.

Lesson for today:  BE THANKFUL
be happy where you are, who you are with, what you have, and who you are

It could be so much worse....................

Rose Ellen Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shoppe

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Shopping in an antique/vintage shop

I'm writing this blog for  people out there that do not know what it is like for me to have people in my shop that do not respect my vintage items and love them like I do.

As most of you know, my vintage shop is small and cramped. We moved here under duress because our other shop which was equally as small, FLOODED! We had about 2 weeks to find a place and this space was the only space available to move in immediately.

We are not at all happy that our space is small, but we do the best we can with it. We occupy every nook and cranny. We are also hands on! We will help you find whatever you need! We love when people come in and enjoy our shop...laugh....take photos and find some happy peace of mind. However, we do have rules that should be respected....

1. no food or drink  - all foods should be left at the front desk for you to pick up on your way out.

2. All try on's are ASSISTED! that means, you cannot go into the dressing room with a vintage 1950's tulle dress which is worth a few hundred dollars and try it on yourself.

3. My hats are delicate. The Vintage hats  and also the ones that are handmade by myself. They are not to be thrown.....(yes, a lady came in and did that) So for that reason, our hat room can be entered when I can accompany you. I want you to know that you are NOT bothering me when I assist you. I love it, I love when you are interested in something and I am only too happy to have fun with you.

Please understand that we clean all of our garments, and sometimes the cleaning process is arduous. We go to several different companies to get the results that we need. Sometimes we up-cycle which means, we make the garment into something else, either with fabric, or painting, or beads. Please do not come in and expect to get a handmade garment or hat for $5.00. We put too much time and effort into it. We are not a thrift store, we are a specialty shop. For the people who like to be outstanding and unique.

We are currently looking for a larger building, much larger. Where we can create, live and work in one space. We are also targeting 2017 for the opening of our second store in NYC. Many good things are happening for us. We appreciate the love and support of our customers and friends.  Owning a small business is very difficult. We rely on the love and respect of our customers and friends to keep our business alive. From the bottom of our hearts.....we thank you!

RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop

Rose Ellen Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

Being a WOMAN......

Today is Gloria Steinen's 82nd birthday. I want to publicly thank her. She said alot of things that made sense. She taught me to be proud of who I am as a human being, and as a woman. Women are strong. We can take and we have taken alot of CRAP!

Let me show you a timeline that I researched. :

1920- women were finally allowed to vote. Thanks to Susan B Anthony

1921 Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League. Now please understand, just because she founded it, did not mean things went smoothly. Birth control was hard to come by and abortions were out of the question.

1936- the government no longer classified birth control as obscene.   (gee thanks!)

1955 First lesbian organization is founded. They just wanted basic acceptance.

1960- The food and drug association approves of birth control pills. you have to persuade your doctor to prescribe them for you. and if you were married, you had to have your husband's permission. Also in this same year, a man cannot commit his wife to a mental institution without just cause.

1963- Congress passed the equal opportunity act. Unfortunately this did not stop employers from reclassifying women's roles and giving them different titles so they got less pay. This still happens today.

1965- Finally.....even if you are married you MAY take birth control without your husband's permission. Isn't that nice of them?

1971- Gloria Steinem founded MS magazine. This magazine gave women alot of information and many men didn't like it. She forged on. and told women to band together and create a sisterhood.

1973- A woman gained the right to choose weather or not to have her child. Unfortunately many states still do not recognize this law.

1976- it is now illegal for a husband to force his wife into sexual relations

1978- a married woman can have her own bank account without her husbands consent.

I stopped here because I'm exhausted....and I was just trying to make a point. Point being: many women come into my vintage shop and say....I miss the 1950s!   I wish we were still back in the 1920s! NO NO NO!   Enjoy the fashions just goes round and can still wear the things from way back when. But who really wants to go back there? Look at all we had to fight for. And it was harder for Ethnic and African American women as well. This is not a 'put down' for men. This is an "appreciation" of how far women have come.  We are not second class citizens. Men cannot procreate without us and we cannot without them. We need each other. Men and women. We need to respect and value our gifts to humanity.

And so on Gloria Steinem's birthday, I would like to publicly claim my support to my sisters. ALL my sisters. All races, ethnicities, cultures and walks of life. We must support each other and hold each other together. Because at the end of the day, we hold the world together.

Rose Ellen A Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown, PA 18104

Lets talk about something close to my heart....MY BRA!

Ladies, ladies, ladies,

I cannot stress the importance of a good fitting bra.   My daughter recently purchased our granddaughter GinaRose  her first bra. Now of course, being a 10 year old she is not in need of a cup fitting....she can basically put on a stretchy wide rubber band and be fine. BUT, it is important for young girls to know how important and basic to their wardrobe a good bra can be.

Working here in my shop, I adore all the beautiful darts that come with a 1940's, and 1950's dress. The workmanship is fabulous. The dress is so form fitted it can practically walk off the hanger itself. Long line bras and bullet bras were the rage at that time. I am amazed at the amount of women that come in the shop and their breasts are not in the right place. When a vintage garment is worn, the dress itself will tell you where to place your breasts. If your breasts are not there, you are either using them as a belt or stepping on them!

Back in the day, a woman would go to a lingerie shop or a corset shop and was fitted properly for an undergarment. Now we have places like Victoria's Secret, that focuses more on pretty lace and push up bras for cleavage and no emphasis is placed on a large breasted woman with a back problem, or the woman who has one breast a little larger than the other. I am amazed at how our society has taken a basic, useful garment and made it into an 'accessory' rather than a vital part of the wardrobe. It's always wonderful to wear a pretty bra, but that pretty bra must do a pretty darn good job of doing what it's supposed to do, or else it is useless!

So in short, I would like to express as strongly as I can to every woman out there......GET A GOOD BRA! One that puts your breasts in the right place. Your garments will fit completely different and much better. Also, your posture will be better and you will be thankful for that when you are in your 80's. And if you are in the market to try on clothing at a boutique, come with your very good bra on, and fitted properly and you will find more dresses, or tops that compliment your figure.

Now...put on your bra...and GO RULE THE WORLD!
Rose Ellen Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

Sunday nite Oscars and LEAP DAY!

So......Sunday nite,.....

 I had the extreme pleasure of going to the LGBT Pride in the Valley Oscar Party. The proceeds benefit the LGBT community center in Allentown PA. Why do I love this event? Why is it when they come to tell me, "what would you like to donate to the party?" I tell them,...take what you want. Seriously...that's how strongly I want to support this center. Why? My son is a gay male....and I watched him struggle through his teens with no one to talk to and feeling so utterly alone. Nothing hurts a parent more than to watch their child hurting mentally or physically. I wish we had a center where he could have gone to talk to other teens like himself. To feel comfortable. To feel accepted. No matter how many times Clayton and I told him we loved him...he couldn't love himself. He felt 'wrong'. So kudos to Stephen Libby for putting this event together. It's so nice to feel so much love in one room. If anyone missed it, please put it on your calendar for next year.

And the Oscars.....well......I'm sure that every fashionista is out their saying their opinions and of course you all know mine. Wear what you want to who you want to be. There were so many classy and beautiful gowns....and the tuxes this year were outstanding. But what I loved most of all, was that Chris Rock did an excellent job addressing the racism in Hollywood. Lady Gaga did an excellent job of representing victims of sexual abuse. Although I love fashion and colorful clothes...I love people that will take the bull by the horns and speak out about uncomfortable things. Only with dialogue can things start to move in a different direction.

and now here we are on Leap Day. It's more like Drag-my-butt day. I'm not used to staying out late and getting up at 3:30AM. Not anymore. Those days are done for me. But here I am. I won't even post a photo. When I took my husband to work this morning and I dropped him off, he ran like hell to the bus. He didn't even look back. Because he was afraid he would turn into a pillar of salt!  I have to speak to him about getting the windows darkened on the truck. I'm sure the people standing in line for tickets wanted to wash their eyes out with bleach. And even with hair up and alittle make up on, I still look like an old drag queen. Well, that's ok...............I guess I'm ready for next years' Oscar party!!!!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104


Everyone always sees me with a happy face. I always try to be positive and uplifting especially when there is always so much hate and sadness in the world.  But everyone has a bad day. Yesterday was mine. 
I won't go into all the horrifics, it's really not necessary. Just a brief rundown of the day started with a phone call from my mother, a torn contact lens in my eye, a friendship gone sour, a pulled shoulder muscle, a lost shipment of feathers, an 'encounter' with the heater man in my shop, among a few other things that unnerved me yesterday.  I felt like I was walking in the ocean and wave after wave kept knocking me down. As soon as there was a lull in the day, another problem came and it was beyond my control to fix it. 
And that is what we have to remember. Some things just cannot be controlled. They come and we must take them.  I used meditation, prayer and the support of my wonderful husband  and a great friend to get through the day.  It's now a memory that won't be forgotten, but the pain is lessened. A bad day is like a woman going through childbirth. We have to go through the pain. We take them, as bad as they are, and then at the end, we have this beautiful child. In a bad day, we take all the lashes, and on the next day, it's only a memory and everything starts to heal. 
So when you look at me with this big smile, remember, some days that smile is not there. And some days I cry my eyelashes off and some days it's just SHIT! But as long as the sun comes up in the morning, we can start over. I start my diet again. (HAHA!) I call my mom again.....I just start again. And everything turns out exactly the way it's supposed to. 

Rose Ellen Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Individual Millinery and Vintage Shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

I want pretty fingernails........................

When I share something in my blogs, it's only because I want other women to know that they are not alone in their struggle. The struggle to shave your legs with 3 kids bangin on the door...the struggle to color your hair without making a mess of the bathroom or have it run down your bathrobe. The struggle to put on a spanx/girdle of any kind. The struggle of finding the right pair of panty hose. I read and read so many blogs about fashion...what looks good on what figure etc etc. But I want women to know that I am you....I AM THE WOMAN that is REAL. I don't get out of bed and look fresh as a daisy. Honey, my daisy wilted  years ago. I have weathered heart valve issues, thyroid issues (still going through that) which made my hair-fall-out issues,I have glued my eyes shut trying to figure out how to put on eyelashes, I have gained weight, lost weight and gained weight again. I have 6 children doing all kinds of things and some talk to me and some not at one time or another. I have 2 granddaughters that are beautiful, and a boutique where I work constantly.

This morning, I would like to talk about fingernails. Can we just talk about how much I want my hands to look nice? I really do. But I have found after 6 years of being a milliner, my hands have suffered extreme trauma. On my right hand I have a nodule on my thumb which I believe is a ganglion cyst. It is sore and it is lessening as time goes on, but it is bothersome. I have a lump on my pinky on my right hand because I jammed this finger stretching buckram so tight around a pizza pan. Yes...don't ask me my methods of doing things..they are very avant garde. I also caught my thumb under the sewing machine, thus sticking the needle in it. This is just on my right hand. On my left hand, I had a catastrophe with a screwdriver the other day trying to pry an old watch open. So the ball of my hand is very swollen. I looked at my hands yesterday and thought that even though I am 53 years old, my hands look so old and ugly. So, on my journey to the grocery I bought KISS press on nails. For 5.00 you can have the hands that every man would want to touch! YES, LADIES! For 5.00!!!!!  These nails are already painted, and ready to go...all you do, is glue, press and GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I bought the flaming red ones. Because I'm a flaming red kind of gal. I measured each one to my finger. They gave me a choice of super glue, or gel tabs. I wanted the easiest, I chose the gel tabs. So..without further adieu, I started gel tabbing and sticking the nails one by one. I didn't read the fine print that said I had to wait for 30 min for the gel tabs to set. So I went about my business of going to work. I stopped at \Produce Junction for veggies. ( a little fruit and veggie outlet in Allentown PA) After paying for my stuff, I picked up my bag only to have my index finger pop off and hit the poor man in the forehead. He picked my nail off the counter and handed it to me. No exchange of words. What could he say?  I looked down at my hands and saw that I had lost 3 nails. Where were the other 2?  I started to panic? I hope no one finds them in the vegetables!  When I got in the car, I looked in the rear view to put on my lipstick. Only to find my other 2 nails dangling from my bangs! I came to work and patiently put all three back on. I'm persistent. I want my hands to look pretty today, DAMMIT!  It's goal today is keeping all 10 of my nails on until which time I am ripping all of them off!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm wearing gloves.....................

Rose Ellen A Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

it's you I like..............

You know...Clayton and I are blessed. We say it every day. We are amazed at how many wonderful and kind people we have met since we opened our business. We have had some jerks too...but they are few and far between.

We have been blessed with a store that has drawn many different types of people together. People that would not normally know each other. I won't even begin to label all the different people. Because I hate labels so much. But I will say that every single one of them is different, beautiful and fabulous in their own way.

As I was scrolling through my YouTube List of favorites the other day, I came across this song by Mr. Rogers. He was a big part of my growing up. In a home full of loud people and an often chaotic atmosphere, he was a calming voice. And I was convinced he never said an unkind word about or to anyone. He sang this song many years ago....something I always remembered and it applies to every one of my customers. Look...he's not a rap guy....he's not anywhere near Justin Timberlake....but these words.......these words are so remember our dear's you we like............

It's you I like,
It's not the things you wear,
It's not the way you do your hair
But it's you I like
The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you
Not the things that hide you,
Not your toys
They're just beside you.

But it's you I like
Every part of you.
Your skin, your eyes, your feelings
Whether old or new.
I hope that you'll remember
Even when you're feeling blue
That it's you I like,
It's you yourself
It's you.
It's you I like.

My life with my husband

I miss my husband working in our shop with me. He had to go back to NYC because we needed health insurance. (I have some issues)  I am grateful that he is making the sacrifice for me. Today is our anniversary. When people ask us how long we have been together, I feel like telling them, forever. I feel as though this man was created just for me.

I went through a bitter divorce. I will say nothing of X number 1....only to say that we were children when we got married. And when we grew up neither of us liked the other. I quickly married another man because I felt my children needed a 'father'. Well I married someone that I will only say was a 'mistake'. and it didn't last long. I was resigned to living my life alone with my 4 children. I was sad and I was lonely. People tried to fix me up with dates...and one by one I discarded all of them after 1 date. I this what is left in the world for me? how sad. I thought, I have my own house, 3 cars, I can provide for my I'll just stay by myself. I did...but I wasn't happy about it.

I enjoyed playing 'Trivia Chat' on America Online. I love jeopardy...I love trivial pursuit..and I would put my children to bed at night, sit at the computer with a glass of wine and play Trivia. Because  Clayton couldn't spell Mississippi, I won the game. And he was upset. I told him he was stupid....and  so started the relationship of RCMoore. We talked on the phone for 6 months. I was afraid. REALLY afraid. Little did I was he. But after months of talking on the phone, I felt I knew this man better than I knew myself. I fell in love with him on a 4PM. He said something...I don't remember what...and the words tumbled out of my mouth. "I really love a person"...and I felt stupid, but it was true. Even if nothing came of this, I felt he was a beautiful person...and I had to tell him so.  He said he was coming to see me...and I was petrified...but when he came, he never left. It was if he came home. He fit in.....

Has it always been perfect? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!   we have had some serious fights, we had children problems and ex mate problems....all kinds of stupidness. But at the end of the day...I got his back and he has mine. We have been poor, and we have had money, we have been so sad, and we have rejoiced together. The most important thing is that we were always FOR each other. Always backed each other up......that's the key. And so on this anniversary I would like to say to my dear husband and mate and friend...Clayton..I would do it all again. I would suffer all the problems we did again, just to have all the beautiful joys again....because our good times totally outweighed our bad times. And if anyone reads this, and you are married.....hang on to each other. This world is tough. Learn to laugh and to weather the storm. It's soooooooo worth it!  

The sad task of choosing vintage clothing....................

I know all of you are wondering about this title. The SAD task of choosing vintage clothing? Why would it be sad? Well.....let me tell you about last week...

My husband Clayton and I were called to a home about 4 hours away...we got there very late and very tired. (it was after work) The gentleman that called was in his 90's and his wife had just passed away 1 month previous. He invited us to his home to look at her things, hopefully make a few dollars as he had incurred many expenses to keep her at home in her last years.

When we walked in, I noticed that the home was very sparse. He told me he had been selling off his antique furniture and wall hangings to pay medical bills. As he took me to the room that had a large cedar closet I was reminded of going through my great aunts things after she had passed. Going through my grandmother's things when she had passed...going through my father's things.....and remembering all the wonderful memories and all the happiness and all the pain.

He sat in a chair and Clayton was standing there ready to receive the things that I chose. I looked at the man, (I'll call him T)....and I asked him, where did she wear this funky skirt? and his eyes lit up..and he told a story. And we laughed.  And so began the ritual. I asked the question and he told the story. All of a sudden the pain was gone and laughter made it go away. This went on for about an hour and a half. We became bonded. Bound by the stories of his wife who was talented, smart and funny. She died simply of old age. He was talking to her and she was belly laughing and then all of a sudden she died. What a great way to go! But we are NEVER ready to lose our spouses, or anyone that we love. When we left there, I hugged him really hard. I told him to keep in touch. Call me, or write a letter ( I love to write letters) But I don't think that will happen. As I said, he is in his 90's, bad eyesight, poor walking ability, doesn't drive. He gave me one of her knick knacks.

On the way home, I looked at my husband and I said...'if you got sick, I want to be the one to take care of you, because I love you so, and no one will take care of you like me.'   He said the same...and we held hands and drove home in silence. At the end of our life, what is left? A few pieces of clothing and some knick knacks. Everything you own doesn't mean anything, only the love remains. Clayton and I are blessed that we have the task of reviving antique clothing...we also revive the stories that are passed with them. Because in passing the story that T told us, his wife remains alive in memory. So, whoever buys that funky skirt, will be told the story of a woman in 1960 who wore it to a house party and pigged out on the fondue pot and got horribly sick.  Now someone else can go to a party in that cool skirt....and have fun, just like T's wife.... and now SHE will create a new memory. And life goes on.....................................

Rose Ellen Moore

1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

First day at the gym........................ everybody knows that I gained about 60 pounds since I purchased my brick and mortar business in 2013. I'm chained to the machine or I'm always at my worktable pressing hats, decorating hats, sewing.....I haven't been taking care of myself.   Of course it doesn't help that I eat ice cream all the time, and I eat pasta and was the day. September 28, 2015.  I decided today was the day, so help me God. So...down the street from my house is Planet Fitness. It is 5.00 to join and  10.00 per month. GREAT!   I signed up and they gave me a free T shirt and a tour and I decided today was THE day!

So I dropped my hubby off at the bus at 4:10 and went right to Planet Fitness. Four people were using the facilities. Not bad. Not intimidating.  So I jumped on the treadmill and I thought...well...I'll just start with a 30 min  cardio and then do some machines for 30 min. 20 year old mind thought that, but my 53 year old body wasn't agreeing.  So I jumped on the treadmill with gusto ...headphones in place to listen to all the great music that I prepared to motivate me. Eye of the Tiger, , some old rap stuff and of course, Earth Wind and Fire. Midway through Eye of the Tiger, my eyes were popping OUT!. I was on the stupid machine for all of 2 minutes and I thought I was going to die! I persevered.....I was determined to stay on for 30 minutes, dammit!!!!  I was walking at 3.5 very brisk at an incline of 4.0 and I burned 414 calories. It took me 39 minutes to walk 2 miles. I feel very bad about it, but very good at the same time. It's really not about the losing weight's about the feeling better part. I do feel better. After it was over, I thought...I can't wait until tomorrow! Tomorrow I will do better! and the day after that! with my new T shirt! YAY! The first cut is the deepest, right? and the first day at the gym is the hardest. Looking at myself in the mirror with my workout clothes on, hanging on to the handles of the treadmill for dear life......I said, "screw the machines, I'm going home."....but Scarlett O'Hara says, "Tomorrow is another day!" 

Fashion Week? more like EGO week

  As a creative person, I would like to express my sadness to see a wonderful tradition like Fashion Week lose it's luster.  It seems that everyone is entitled to have a 'fashion line' and everyone with enough money can be a designer. You know that I have written about this before...but it's becoming more evident as years go on, ( and I am in my mid 50's, so I have seen a few years) that the respect and class for the art is gone.

There are good and bad things about fashion week. One of them is, we don't always see emaciated models like we did in previous years. We are now celebrating the curves of a woman's body and because of that, 'real' women are now fashionable and accepted. Also, there is more diversity in culture and that's wonderful as well.

But it seems that anyone who has some bucks, can put their name on something and call it their fashion line. A musician, a tennis player, a basketball player, an actress and just this morning, Wendy Williams is announcing that she is dipping her toe into the fashion world. It pains me, because I see many many very wonderful designers, who pin, sew, cut and cry over many creations. Yet they can't seem to catch a break because their wallets are light. But anyone who is famous , can now put their name on something that they haven't even had a hand in making. They chose a design...that's nice. They chose a zipper and button. Congratulations. Do you know what it's like to be so tired that you sew something to your own pants? Do you know what it's like to have a deadline and yet you can't get that dart quite right?

I have a couple tailors that help me here in the shop. Their opinion, artistic view and concept matter just as much as mine.  And I won't be ashamed to say, that many of them who are academically trained, sew much better than me. I am self taught. I watched my mother and my grandmothers and I am determined, which makes my life a living hell sometimes. If I can't do it, I keep at it until I can.

This blog is dedicated to every person who created something from scratch. Whether it turned out or not. For the people who try. For every pin you put into your garment for every stitch that you had to rip out and do over.  We at RCMoore appreciate you...we appreciate your art and your love that you have for it.

Drink a glass of wine for me tonight and toast all of these designers that we will never see..........

Rose Ellen A. Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104


The Children are back to school.....HALLELUJER!

As we head back to school today, I thought about all the teachers that I had growing up. I must have been a little (*&%#$.....  and I would like to publicly apologize. :)   Not that I was a bad kid...I was mischievous..  always bubbly and full of fun.   Usually I was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing...  I hated to study and I hated to do homework.  I always did my homework 10 minutes before class, and that's if I did it at all. I had other things to do...I played in a band, I played my instruments all the time and I was all about music.

I had some great teachers. Teachers that I have passed away, and some still living.  Miss McClure, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Stahl, Mrs Smith, Mrs Davis, Miss Campbell, Mrs Warhurst, Mr Eddinger, Mrs Fowler, Mrs Blake, Mrs Dry, they were just in my grade school, Salem Elementary.

Then I went to Middle school which was Third Street in Berwick that building is the YMCA. I remember Mr Learn who taught me Algebra...I know he thought I was hopeless...but " HEY MR LEARN...I WAS AN ACCOUNTANT FOR 20+ YEARS!!)  I just want to let him know that all of his headaches were not in vain!  I had Mr Dunn for science, ...he forgave me when I wrote TESTICLES instead of TENTACLES on my science test.

In high school I had,  I think, THE BEST of the best....why? because they prepared me for life. It wasn't just about the subjects they taught. It was about encouragement. It was about learning to deal with was about persistence and determination. Thank you to Mr. Krothe and Mrs Krothe, ...he taught me Geometry...of which I failed miserably...but kept trying. She taught me the love of books and creative writing. To Mr Maneval...again my trigonometry teacher. Thanks for teaching me a bunch of stuff I never used, but you taught me to  be determined and to challenge myself. And all the while, you never got mad, or if you did, you never showed it. Mr Harwood Rhoades....ahhh....a genius. I can't say enough about him, so I won't even try.  and my music teachers.....where would we be without music?   Mr Scott, Mr and Mrs Bohl, Miss Voveris, Miss Geheart and Mrs love love them!

I know all of the kids that are heading to school today think that the teachers are the bad guys. But as you get older, like me, you realize that life is hard, and they are just preparing you for what you have to deal with on the outside.

Best wishes on this school year. I hope that it's wonderfully challenging, and I hope that things will be learned far beyond the academic curriculum.

Rose Ellen Moore

1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104


Steampunk Fashion Show Kemerer Museum August 20,2015

The year was 1892. A very important year in history. Ellis Island opened it's gates to the first 700 immigrants. This small ship and close quarters made it a breeding ground for disease.  Typhoid and Influenza was the new pestilence.  At this time, an aristocratic mother struggles to raise her 5 children alone.  Larkin, a beautiful child, although sickly, was the youngest of these children.  She was the pride and joy of her mother, Lady Rebecca Cuthbert.  Larkin loved to play with her doll in the garden.  As she grew, she became increasingly ill.  Chills crawled like spiders up her spine.  Fever, and fatigue weighed down her slight frame.

After months of fighting this dreaded disease, she sadly gave in to her demise.  After she passed away, her doll was abandoned, along with the dead child's hopes and dreams.  All the loneliness, neglect and bitterness began to manifest itself in human form.  The soul of Larkin took form in the doll that she loved so.  The doll became evil and assembled a band of broken and forgotten dolls who roam the night, searching for someone to care for them.  

Lady Cuthbert, did not want the disease to spread to her remaining beloved children.  She locked them far away from the world, and each other.  Hoping and praying to keep them alive.  Oh...they stayed any means necessary.......................................................................................

Delva, her most beautiful and mysterious daughter.  She was locked away in a tall stone tower on the edge of the sea.  She stares longingly
 at the horizon as the spray mists her face.  Word spread to the local town of her undeniable beauty, of which no one has ever seen.............................

Men have flocked to her lair, but not a single man has returned.  There have been rumors of strange magic, even stranger creatures...the townspeople hear the cries of torment, but fear keeps them away from the mysterious tower and the beautiful woman who lives there........................

Then there is Eula, a stunning beauty but very angry. Eula was shut away in a small dark cave against the tallest cliff. Far away from human contact.  Her eyes grew accustomed to the dark. Her skin has now become sensitive to light and became hard and scaly.  As her  skin became hardened, so did her cold reptile-like heart... for she knew she would never hold a newborn in her arms.  That version of Eula was now lost. So now she attempts to satisfy her longing by leaving her cave at night in the hopes to find abandoned children to care for.  She snatches them with her claw, but it's always in vain..........................................

lady Cuthbert had run out of places to hide her children.  Her son, Vlad was locked away in the cellar, slowly aging like the wine around him.  His mother kept him there for fear of losing yet another child.  He slowly became accustomed to his dark, cold surroundings.  Not knowing his father, Vlad always knew he was different.  he could feel it in his blood- or lack thereof....He wondered why his skin burned in the light of day and why his mother never spoke of his father.  But Vlad left the basement without his mother's knowledge under his thick black cloak to experience life unhindered so as to ease his loneliness.  If you see Vlad, and he offers you a drink from his goblet, I advise you not to take it.  It may not be what you think......................

The townspeople gathered a band of their most reputable warriors.  They asked pirates, wizards, soldiers, fairies and tanyone with the courage to uphold the safety of the commonwealth..  These are the protectors of the good and upholders of righteousness......
General Osnofla, leader of the mercenary band of integrity.  Walks the darkened streets under the soft glow of the lamp posts.  Years ago, his wife and child snatched from him by a dragon-like creature.  He fought to save them, but he failed.  Because of this, he assembled the best soldiers he could find.  Now, they join together to safeguard the people of this town, especially women and children. 

Shaa the Catowman-with her whip and claws of steel and her cat like prowess, she slinks about the roof tops...chimney to chimney.  Her eyes accustomed to nightfall.............................

Captain Guss Monihan and Captain Jen Melody...this pair of gunslingers have no mercy as they round up scum and villains. Both have a story to tell.....ahhhhh...but that is for another time......

Pirates Amelia Guiness, Hettie Harrington and Betty Seabury..these are a band of kind hearted pirates.  They protect the ports and inlets of the town, Nothing gets by these tough buccaneers. You  ,ay look at them and say, what beautiful ladies, but they could lay you out flat, and knock you out cold, if they had to. 

Petty Officer Tupper Jacq
ue- guards the skies in his latest invention, the grand aero-dirigible....powered by steam of course. He is also a chemist and engineer. If he can't find the right weapon to fight off evil, he will create it.

Our fairy, her magic and watches over the protectors of the good and the innocent hearts of this fair town. She casts her spells and weaves her magic.  She also assists the soldiers and tells them when evil is close by.  

The Wizard Caleet and her Raven Raziel......She was once Lady Cuthberts counselor  and confidant, but she has now realized the wickedness of her, and devotes her life now to hindering the evil in which she assisted Lady Cuthbert in bringing to this town.  Caleet sees the future, and aids the soldiers in changing it.  

Lady Cuthbert has become demented as time went on.  She watched her children become wicked as she was in her own heart.  Her attempts to keep them safe were successful, but at a price.  For now, these grown children are evil and the most hunted beings on the planet.  She has one last try.  Elizabeth her last daughter......................

The aristocrats of the town, Lady Jasmin, Grand duchess Lettice, Barroness Eve Quail, Duchess Hogerty Dodd, and Lady Safronia, have gathered for her wedding.  Please join the town aristocrats, as they celebrate the union of these two, Elizabeth, and her husband Lord Charles Winthrop....

We hope that you have enjoyed our little macabre tale.  We invite you to talk to our cast of characters and get to know them better.  For now, we say good night, and when you go home, be sure to lock your doors...................................................

Rose Ellen  Moore
RCMoore for the Unique
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

I was the best parent I could be.................

  Yesterday, on MSN, was an article on "the 10 things you shouldn't tell your child after divorce".   I found that I said all of them.   Another article said, 10 reasons you should not tell your child 'NO'....I said all of them. By the time I was done reading how to be the best parent, I discovered I was the worst parent.

There is no 'right way' to divorce someone. My ex and I were married for 15 years. We were childhood sweethearts. I was 19 when I married. What did I know about love? I was more interested in being princess for a day. After the gown is off, the music stops and the party is over, you discover that you are joined to this other person who is not the person that you thought he was. We had some good times but they weren't great. But truthfully, we grew apart.  Or I should say, I grew, and he did not. He drank alot, liked to be alone, and hated ethnic people. So why was I there, wasting my life? We had 3 children. We gathered them and I told them that daddy would be leaving the house. One of my kids (the middle one cried) the oldest one was like, 'well, he's never here anyway' and the youngest was only 2. Did I curse and swear after he left? yes! was I angry? HELL YES! did my kids hear it? sadly, yes. My children watched me struggle in working 3 or 4 jobs. I played the organ for 3 different churches. I sang in a club. I did dead peoples' and strippers' hair. I was an accountant. I built computers for another company. did I have a day off? no. They watched me when my water heater blew up and I had 58.00 in my checking account. They watched me when I had to put the family dog down. They watched me put on a happy face when all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and cover my head. My children watched me fail more times than I can count. I wept and wailed  and cursed as I cooked, cleaned, did mountains of laundry. My kids heard it all.  Was that the best way to parent? probably NOT!  But one thing my children know that is going to come out of me at all times, I am honest with them. I tell them how I feel. I let them know life isn't easy. Unconditional love is important. Bad moments pass, and as long as the sun comes up in the morning, good moments will come again.

So was I the best parent..?????     Well............ I was a real parent. A one-of-a-kind, love-them-to-the-moon-and-back, true-to-myself parent. I gave them all I had.  Maybe I wasn't the best parent ever...but I gave them the best of me.

Rose Ellen A Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104


Everyone is into steam punk these days!  I am fortunate enough to be involved in a Steampunk Fashion Show for the City of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. This fashion show benefits their historic buildings of which there are about 6 or so.  They came to me around the end of March and asked if I would do their fashion show....and I really had to think about it, because it's alot of work. Steampunk is not just a dress that you throw on and go down the runway. There is so much more to it than that. So, this blog is dedicated to explaining the culture of Steam punk and I will do my very best to convey what it is.

Steampunk is a fantasy world. It's a world of good guys and bad guys. Somebody may be fighting a vampire, monster, or superhuman creature. Good guys may consists of pirates, soldiers, troopers....and they have really cool names too! This is all set in the Victorian Era...about 1890 or so. Steam is the mainstream for energy...and also mechanical gadgets of every kind.

I couldn't decide how to explain Steampunk to people who did not understand it. So I made my fashion show a theatrical event. Every model has a persona, every model has a 'life'. My models had to 'become' their character.

The story centers around 5 children who were raised alone by their mother in a large victorian house during the typhoid epidemic. One child was lost to the disease. The other 4 survived, but.................they became something.....something evil.......................

I hope that if you are curious and live close to Bethlehem, PA, you can purchase a ticket....85.00 includes your food, drink and fashion show. It is in the Kemerer Museum on New Street where beautiful Victorian artifacts are on display. If you would like to spend the night, beautiful Hotel Bethlehem is in the next block. Below are some links to help you. Just copy and paste in your browser.  :!e.ZzZz.3330000876521.0.61187087716.hotel%20bethlehem.hotel_bethlehem&k_user_id=_kenshoo_clickid_&gclid=CPO_5p6_occCFcaRHwod9cwN9A

We hope to see you August 20,2015
come in white or in steampunk attire

It will definately be a grand affair!

Rose Ellen A. Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104


Why do people have to be so mean?

Yesterday I wore a very cool outfit.......I thought.  So I went to the fabric store because I needed some black satin for the fashion show that I am sewing for. When I walked in  (and this was about the 5th time I've been there) I noticed that the sales woman and another woman were conversing. I walk in the door and in my very Italian way....said.."HELLO!" to which they did not respond and looked at me like I had 4 heads. I was a little surprised, but went on about my business.

As I looked through the fabric, I could feel their eyes on me. Their voices lowered to a whisper. I have been in this position before...not a problem.  I started putting my bolts on the counter to be cut....
The customer said, "your touching my things"....I voiced my apologies.  The saleswoman did not ask if I needed help...I struggled to get 2 large bolts of 50 yards of black satin to the counter. I was in a dress, heels, and I had a large handbag.  I was purchasing 154 yards of fabric that day. When I was finished I went to the counter to check out. The saleswoman who was in an ill fitting dress, and flip flops was rude. Plain and simple. I said to her, "do you remember me? I am from the vintage, millinery down the road" and she said, 'yes'.  The other woman (customer) felt that it was time to  address me, ...."do you always dress like this?"  I said..."yes".... and I went on about my business. At no time would I allow them to ruffle my feathers. Funny, I was wearing feathers on my head!

So sad, in our culture, that we find it OK to down another woman.....I have said many times that I hate pajama pants in public. But just recently I saw a woman in pajama pants walking in front of my store...struggling with 2 small children, packages and an umbrella....I was there once. Should I go out and give her a fashion lesson? I'm sure that's the last thing on her list as she tries to juggle all of her responsibilities.  We as a human race and more importantly as WOMEN need to understand the needs of other women. We need to allow everyone to be themselves. Who made ANYONE judge and jury?

As I finished my purchases and was ready to leave, I asked the saleswoman if anyone could take these out to my car. She promptly said, 'NO'...what a surprise. I struggled to get all the fabric to the front door and went out to get my car. As I was starting to load the car, a young man of about 16 asked if I needed help. Yes, the youth that most of us see with pants hanging and foul mouth. But this young man.....on his skateboard.....giant afro.......funky clothes.......asked if he could help me. I so happily said yes.....and he did it for no compensation. I gave him one of my cards, and told him he gets a free gift when he comes in my store. I'll remember him.....  I'll remember those women too.  The women who looked down their nose at me for my way of dressing...........Just remember this ladies....the farther you look down your nose, is the farther you fall one day..............peace...out!

Rose Ellen Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104