Our buyout policy is as follows: First, an appointment must be made. Then, we accept things that are vintage (1800's to 1985) We do make exceptions if things are avant garde. After we choose the items we would like, we make an offer to you, which is 25% of what we can sell it for, minus cleaning and repair costs. Every single item in our boutique is cleaned. We look up fair marketable value. If the offer is agreeable we write you a check. If you would like store credit, we offer 50% of marketable value. You certainly have the right to decline the offer. Please contact the shop at 610-740-3820 to make an appointment to bring your items. We do go on sight for large quantities.


Have a question about us or our products? Leave it here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Also feel free to call us a (610) 740-3820 or email us at

Visit us! We are located at:

9 w 4th Street

South Bethlehem, PA 18015


and our second location in Hellertown will be open soon!

1180 Main Street REAR

Hellertown, PA